CH Digraph Video Lesson (Lesson 21): Write and Sound Out CH

In this video lesson for the CH digraph, students practice writing CH while learning the sound that it makes. Then, they write a passage from a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson titled “Farewell to the Farm.”

Take lesson 21 to learn to write and sound out CH

Lesson 21 covers the CH digraph and the sound that it makes.

Finished with the video lesson for the CH digraph?

At the end of this lesson, beginning readers should have someone read them poems from “My children’s Robert Louis Stevenson paint book.” The illustrations in this book can be printed out and used for coloring or painting.

Students can also read a biography of Robert Louis Stevenson after listening to some of his poems. One free option is the biography titled, “The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson for Boys and Girls” by Jacqueline M. Overton.

The following printables may also be used with the lesson:

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