Children’s Stories to Read Aloud from Your Phone

Do your kids get energized when reading books at night? Mine do.

That’s why I like to read to them from the glow of my smartphone. The darkness settles them down and lets them focus on listening.

If you like to read to your kids from the glow of a phone, too, here are five mobile-friendly children’s stories to get you started:

What Jack Horner Did – Little Jack Horner is a young boy living with his grandparents. When Jack’s grandfather falls ill, he must support the family. But how does he do it? And why was he a very good boy?

Jack and the Beanstalk – Jack climbs the beanstalk that he planted and learns about his family’s sorrowful past. As an infant, he had lived with his mother, his siblings, and his father, a noble knight, in a castle. Then, a giant murdered his father and siblings and took over the castle. His mother got away with Jack and scraped by a meager living. Now, Jack must confront the giant and exact revenge. Will he be successful?

How the Beggars Came to Town – Twelve-year old Prince Lilimond convinces his father to make him King for a day. The prince has a plan to provide for any starving people in the kingdom with gold from the royal treasury. When his day to reign comes, will the royal treasury be completely drained? Or, will Prince Lilimond’s plan succeed?

Little Bo-Peep – When Little Bo-Peep first takes on the responsibility of watching the family’s flock of sheep, she loses them. An old woman gives her advice about how to find them. Is it good advice? Will Little Bo-Peep learn an important lesson?

Hercules vs. the Hydra – Hercules and his most trusted friend Iolaos go to the wild Lake Lerna to hunt the Hydra, a snake-like creature with 9 heads including one immortal head. Can Hercules overcome the Hydra with only some fire arrows and a club?

The Little Acorn – In this story about the lifecycle of an oak tree, a young acorn must fall from the bough of its oak tree mother and outgrow its tiny shell. Along the way, the acorn gets help from a pile of leaves, the rain, the snow, and the sun.

The Three-Legged Stool – A magic stool and milking-pail set out to make life easier for an old man and his gentle wife. In doing so, they discover the secret to happiness.

Need more children’s stories to read aloud?

Story Hour Academy intends to publish many more children’s stories in the future. Until we do, here are a couple places you can go to find more:

  1. – This site has a lot of classic short stories as well as children’s poems and chapter books.
  2. Wikisource – This site has a “Children’s authors” category where you can find stories under each author. Just navigate to an author you like and expand their “Works” section. Titles with a blue link are stories that have been contributed to the site. Titles with a red link are stories that have not yet been added, so avoid the red links.
  3. Beatrix Potter Stories – Find short stories and nursery rhymes by Beatrix Potter, all organized by the order in which they were first published.

Happy reading!