CK Digraph Video Lesson (Lesson 20): Write and Sound Out CK

In this video lesson for the CK digraph, students practice writing CK while learning the sound that it makes. Then, they write a passage from the nursery rhyme “Hickory, Dickory, Dock.”

Take lesson 20 to learn to write and sound out CK

Lesson 20 covers the CK digraph and the sound that it makes.

Finished with the video lesson for the CK digraph?

At the end of this lesson, beginning readers should have someone read them “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” by L. Frank Baum.

And, the following printables may be used with the lesson:

Dictating words with the CK digraph

The following word lists can be used to dictate words with the CK digraph to a beginning reader. These lists use only the single-sound consonants that have already been covered in the Story Hour Academy curriculum. Students may need help with the short vowels, since those have not yet been covered.

-ack words

  • back
  • hack
  • Jack
  • lack
  • pack
  • quack
  • rack
  • tack
  • black
  • track

-eck words

  • deck
  • neck
  • peck
  • fleck

-ick words

  • kick
  • lick
  • Mick
  • Nick
  • pick
  • quick
  • Rick
  • tick
  • wick
  • brick
  • flick
  • trick

-ock words

  • dock
  • lock
  • rock
  • tock
  • block
  • flock
  • frock

-uck words

  • buck
  • duck
  • luck
  • tuck
  • pluck
  • truck

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