Kids, Learn to Read with Phonics Videos: Watch Lesson 1

Some kids need a lot of time to learn to read while others can rapidly become independent readers as long as their reading instruction keeps pace with their growing abilities. Either way, a curriculum that provides the option for students to go at their own pace is a wonderful thing.

This is why I’m developing over 100 self-paced video lessons about how to read and write. Kids can use these lessons to meet and exceed their reading goals. In the first lesson, I provide an introduction to 16 consonant letters and the sounds that they make. I hope you find it beneficial!

Take Lesson 1 to Learn 16 Single Sound Consonants

Lesson one covers the letter names and letter sounds for 16 consonant letters.

Practice Single Sound Consonants¬†with “The Farm Yard Alphabet”

Practice the letter names and letter sounds for b, d, f, h, j, k, l, m, p, q, r, t, v, w, and z in this classic alphabet book.

After lesson 1, practice saying the letter names and letter sounds in the lesson by reading alphabet books. Students can practice free online with excerpts from “The Farm Yard Alphabet.”

Cover of The Farm Yard Alphabet

Or, you can download “The Farm Yard Alphabet” at Students can also practice with any alphabet book from their home, school, or local library.

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