Letter T Video Lesson (Lesson 14): Write and Sound Out the Letter T

In this letter T video lesson, students practice writing the letter T while learning the sound that it makes. They also preview the multi-letter phonograms th, tch, and ti. Then, they write a rhyme from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

This lesson belongs to section 1 of the Story Hour Academy phonics curriculum, where kids learn how to write and sound out sixteen consonant letters.

Take lesson 14 to learn to write and sound out the letter T

Lesson 14 covers the letter T and the sound that it makes.

Finished with the letter T video?

At the end of this lesson, beginning readers should have someone read them “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. If you did the assigned reading for our Qu video lesson, you’ll have already read Lewis Carroll’s “Nusery Alice.” Kids who enjoyed that can move on to this longer version of Alice’s story.

And, the following printables may be used with the letter T video lesson:

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