Letter V Video Lesson (Lesson 15): Write and Sound Out the Letter V

In this letter V video lesson, students practice writing the letter V while learning the sound that it makes. They also learn that English words don’t end with the letter V. Then, they write five words containing the letter V from the rhyme, “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.”

This lesson belongs to section 1 of the Story Hour Academy phonics curriculum, where kids learn how to write and sound out sixteen consonant letters.

Take lesson 15 to learn to write and sound out the letter V

Lesson 15 covers the letter V and the sound that it makes.

Finished with the letter V video?

At the end of this lesson, beginning readers should have someone read them “Over in the Meadow” by Olive A. Wadsworth.

And, the following printables may be used with the letter V video lesson:

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