Mother Goose Rhymes Beginning with Letter H

Share these 12 Mother Goose rhymes that begin with the letter H with a beginning reader. The rhymes will help them associate the grapheme <h> with the phoneme /h/.

Humpty Dumpty

Illustration of Humpty Dumpty

Illustration from 'Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes'

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men
Cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Handy Pandy

Handy Pandy

Illustration from 'The Real Mother Goose, Junior Edition'

Handy Pandy, Jack-a-dandy,
Loves plum cake and sugar candy.
He bought some at a grocer’s shop,
And out he came, hop, hop, hop!

Hot-Cross Buns

Illustration of Hot-Cross Buns

Illustration from 'The Real Mother Goose, Junior Edition'

Hot-cross Buns!
Hot-cross Buns!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot-cross Buns!

Hot-cross Buns!
Hot-cross Buns!
If ye have no daughters,
Give them to your sons.

Hickety, Pickety

Illustration of Hickety, Pickety

Illustration from 'Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes'

Hickety, pickety, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen;
Gentlemen come every day
To see what my black hen doth lay.

Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark

Illustration of Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark

Illustration by Kate Greenaway

Hark, hark!
The dogs do bark,
The beggars are coming to town;
Some in rags,
Some in tags,
And some in velvet gowns.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Illustration from 'Mother Goose's Melodies'

Hickory, dickory, dock!
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock struck one,
And down he run,
Hickory, dickory, dock!

Here We Go

A little girl jumps up, up, up.

Illustration from 'Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes'

Here we go up, up, up,
Here we go down, down, down;
Here we go backwards and forwards,
And here we go round, round, round.


A mother rocks her baby in a rocking bassinet.

Illustration from 'Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes'

Hush-a-bye, baby,
Daddy is near;
Mamma is a lady,
And that’s very clear.

Hippety Hop

Two girls go hippety hop to the barber shop.

Illustration from 'Up One Stairs of My Bookhouse'

Hippety hop to the barber shop,
To get a stick of candy,
One for you and one for me,
And one for Sister Mandy.

Hector Protector

Hector Protector is ready to visit the King and Queen.

Illustration from 'In the Nursery of My Bookhouse'

Hector Protector was dressed all in green;
Hector Protector was sent to the Queen;
The Queen did not like him,
No more did the King;
So Hector Protector was sent back again.

Hickup, Hickup

A little girl has the hickups.

Illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith

Hickup, hickup, go away!
Come again another day;
Hickup, hickup, when I bake,
I’ll give to you a butter-cake.

Hey! Diddle, Diddle

The cat plays the fiddle for the farm animals.

Illustration by Randolf Caldecott

Hey! diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport;
While the dish ran away with the spoon.

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