Nursery Rhymes Beginning with F

Read these 10 nursery rhymes beginning with F to a beginning reader. The rhymes will help them associate the letter F with the sound it makes.

Freddie and the Cherry Tree

A boy smiles over an armful of cherries in this painting by Édouard Manet.

'A Boy with Cherries' by Édouard Manet

Freddie saw some fine ripe cherries
Hanging on a cherry-tree,
And he said, “You pretty cherries,
Will you not come down to me?”

Freddie jumped, and tried to reach it,
Standing high upon his toes;
But the cherry bobbed about,
And laughed, and tickled Freddie’s nose.

Fiddle, Faddle, Feedle

A drawing of Tengmalm's Owl by Reverend Francis Orpen Morris.

Drawing by Reverend Francis Orpen Morris

There was an owl lived in an oak,
Wisky, wasky, weedle;
And every word he ever spoke
Was fiddle, faddle, feedle.

Fiddle Cum Fee

Illustration from 'Book of Cats and Dogs, and Other Friends, for Little Folks'

Illustration from 'Book of Cats and Dogs'

A cat came fiddling out of a barn,
With a pair of bagpipes under her arm;
She could sing nothing but fiddle cum fee,
The mouse has married the bumble-bee!
Pipe, cat; dance, mouse:
We’ll have a wedding at our good house.

Fire, Fire

A fire at Tiverton in Devon, England, 1612.

A fire at Tiverton in Devon, England, 1612.

“Fire! Fire!” said the town crier;
“Where? Where?” said Goody Blair;
“Down the town,” said Goody Brown;
“I’ll go and see’t,” said Goody Fleet;
“So will I,” said Goody Fry.


Little Fred takes the stairs up to bed.

Illustration from 'The Real Mother Goose Junior Edition'

When little Fred went to bed,
He always said his prayers;
He kissed mamma, and then papa,
And straightway went upstairs.


A fly is getting married to a bumble bee.

Illustration by L. Leslie Brooke

The fly shall marry the bumble-bee.
They went to the church and married was she,
The fly has married the bumble-bee.


Two toddlers stand against a wall.

Illustration by Arthur Hughes

“Feetikin, feetikin,
When will you go?”
“When the nights turn short,
And the days turn long,
I’ll toddle and go,
Toddle and go!”

Fly Away, Fly Away Over the Sea

A woman watches a bird fly over a field.

Illustration by Arthur Hughes

Fly away, fly away over the sea,
Sun-loving swallow, for summer is done;
Come again, come again, come back to me,
Bringing the summer and bringing the sun.

Fingers and Toes

A woman looks at her fingers.

Illustration by Charles Robinson

Every lady in this land
Has twenty nails; upon each hand
Five; and twenty on hands and feet:
All this is true, without deceit.

Ferry Me Across the Water

A boatman ferries a woman across the water.

Illustration by Charles Robinson

“Ferry me across the water,
Do, boatman, do.”
“If you’ve a penny in your purse
I’ll ferry you.”

“I have a penny in my purse,
And my eyes are blue;
So ferry me across the water,
Do, boatman, do.”

“Step into my ferry-boat
Be they black or blue,
And for the penny in your purse
I’ll ferry you.”

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