Making a Phonics Clue Box

I’ve used the Wordy Worm Reading program with my kids and in the program’s Fun-O-Guide book, it recommends decorating a phonics clue box and then using it daily to put in physical items that represent a new letter sound or phonogram sound each day. For example, if the letter sound of the day is H, I would put a hat in there, have my daughter open the clue box, pull out the hat, and then sing and act out the song to go with the sound that H makes, which includes the action phrase “Hold your hat on.” Using the phonics clue box really captivates the interest of my kids.

When making our clue box, we started with an empty wipe warmer box. The box’s size, 11” x 5” x 8”, has been a great size so far. Since the box was brown cardboard, I wrapped it with some white Shurtape that I had around the house. Then, my daughter and I decorated the box with glitter foam letters and shapes. On the top of the box, we spelled out “CLUE BOX” and added some stars and planets. Then, for each side, we focused on a different set of phonograms from the Wordy Word Reading program. The front side has what the program calls “Sail Away” phonograms, which are multi-letter phonograms that make just one vowel sound. The left side has what the program calls “Bossy R” phonograms, which are multi-letter phonograms that end in R. The right side has the multi-sound alphabet, with its four consonants and six vowels. Finally, the back side has all the single-sound alphabet phonograms.

Making the box was a lot of fun and using it was really fun too!